wolf river and atlas organics tree potting in memphis tn

Atlas Organics joins the Wolf River Conservatory for 17th Annual Tree Potting Day

In partnership with The Wolf River Conservatory and Urban Earth, Atlas Organics was recently able to be apart of potting over 3,000 native trees in Memphis, TN, donating 45 cubic yards of compost. These trees will be used in the Conservatory’s work of protecting and enhancing the Wolf River and its watershed as a sustainable natural resource! Healthy watersheds positively impact ecosystems and the economy, alike. According to the Environmental Protection Agency, more than $450 billion in foods, fiber, manufactured goods and tourism depend on clean, healthy watersheds. [1]

This is the third year that Atlas Organics has provided the compost for this event. The event created was created out of Steve Barlow, The Works CDC, and Mike Larrivee’s, Atlas Organics, shared desire to reforest the urban area of Memphis. Their approach was different “mine from the science and biodiversity urban ecology, his from the public health blight removal” says Mike. Then the idea grew to include “Wolf River as they have access to thousands of free trees each year and Urban Earth as they donated space for a nursery to raise the trees to plantable size” Mike explained. In fact, the event is now a collaboration between several organizations and companies. This year included Atlas Organics, The Wolf River Conservatory, Urban Earth, Preservation Inc (now Works CDC), and TN Urban Forestry Council!

“It’s a great collaboration: large numbers of volunteers seem to have a great time AND the young trees get enough TLC to get a great start in life. And then they are spread all over the city in places that need trees” says Cathy Justis, director of education for Wolf River.

atlas organics tree potting compost

Over the past 17 years The Wolf River Conservatory has been involved in planting nearly 50,000 trees in Memphis and the greater Shelby County area. Atlas Organics is proud to be partnering in their efforts of conservation. With the long-term goal of planting 2 million native trees in the Memphis area, Atlas looks forward to many more opportunities to serve the community of Shelby County and the work of The Wolf River Conservatory!

To learn more about The Wolf River Conservatory’s work and find out about future events click here.

Learn more about Urban Earth here.

For more information on partnering with Atlas Organics for your local events contact us here or email jenn.mcdonald@atlasorganics.net


[1] https://www.epa.gov/nps/addressing-water-quality-challenges-using-watershed-approach

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