Can you use compost in the summer heat?

During the spring and fall planting season, compost is all the rage! However, what about in the summer months when temperatures are rising across the country?

Compost is not often thought of in the middle of summer heat, however there are several strategic ways in which compost can be used all year long!

We have created a simple usage guide for how and WHY you should have compost on hand throughout your summer.

Summer is the perfect time for soil BLENDS and prepping for the seasons to come. Whether gardening, taking care of your landscaping, or looking to amend your soil to increase its nutritional value, compost is the perfect addition even when the temperatures rise.


1. For Enriching Soil

“Enriched” soil blends are popular but few are actually enriching their base soil with anything of lasting value! Soil that is blended with Atlas Compost has been enriched with 27+ nutrients and soil building organic matter. Atlas Geologist, Mike Larrivee, recommends a 3-1 to 5-1 ratio of topsoil to compost.

2. For Laying Sod & Turf

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