Staff Directory


Leslie Rodgers

Director of Sales & Marketing

Robert Satterfield

East Coast Sales Manager

Bailey Hodges

Business Development - Tennessee

Aiden Hall

Business Development - Florida

Chase McPherson

Business Development - Vero Beach

Steve Agidius

Business Development - Washington

Ken Wilson

Business Development - South Carolina

Maggie Cornett

Retail Sales Manager - Oregon


Jim Davis

VP Strategic Development

Eli Stilwell

Development Manager

Nathan McConnell

Project Management Specialist

Charity Ferguson

Development Manager


Jenn McDonald

Marketing & PR Coordinator

Andrew Frazier

Web & Graphic Designer


Caleb McDaniels

Director of Finance

Jarrett Bond

Lead Analyst

Kathryn McPeters

Accounts Receivable

Corbin McCauley

Accounts Payable

Daan Slaats


Zander Dale



Jorge Montezuma

Director of Engineering

Kathleen Bertoldi

Environmental Compliance Engineer

Tyler Miller

Sr Project Engineer

Aspen Hattabaugh

Environmental Specialist

Leah Retherford

Engineering Project Manager


Beth Harvey

Executive Assistant

George Harakas

Human Resources Manager

Jessica Herold

Human Resources Specialist

Pierce Louis

Project Management Specialist

Trey Odom

Director of Legal Affairs

Mentarrio Clement

Customer Support Manager


Dave Beckman

Director of Operations

Craig Hulm

Hauling & Trucking General Manager

Kevin Kirkland

General Manager - Florida

Sarah Peitz

General Manager - West Coast

Mckewyn Taylor

General Manager - East Coast

David Tressmer

General Manager - Equipment & Assets

Alston Sandzen

Safety Manager

Robby Hayes

Site Manager - Greenville

Nick Sznadjar

General Manager - Durham

Site Manager - Vero Beach

Patrick Gridley

Site Manager - Memphis

Christian Campa

Site Manager - San Antonio

Megan Turner

Site Manager - Chattanooga

Gerald Brzezowski

Site Manager - Port Charlotte

Jason Branham

Site Manager - Tampa North

Cassidy Kirkland

Site Manager - Tampa East

Jonny Ratcliffe

Site Manager - Lexington

Efrain Gomez

Site Manager - Salinas

Tod Ward

Site Manager - Sarasota

Andrew Voodre

Site Manager - Washington

Chris Weimer

Site Manager - Land Clearing

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