Refresh the appearance of your landscape or garden. 
Improve drainage and level your lawn or garden.
Availability varies between products.

Soil Structure

Improves the soil structure, porosity, and density, thus creating a better plantroot environment.

Moisture Capacity

Improves water holding capacity, thus reducing water loss and leaching in sandy soils.

Pathogen Suppression

May control or suppress certain soil-borne plant pathogens.

Infiltration and Permeability

Increases infiltration and permeability of heavy soils, thus reducing erosion and runoff.

Nutrient Retention

Improves cation exchange capacity (CEC) of soils and growing media, thus improving their ability to hold nutrients for plant use.

pH Balance

Improves and stabilizes soil pH.


Atlas Potting Soil is a fifty-fifty blend of 3/8” screened Atlas Compost and hardwood fines screened to 1” minus, creating a wonderful blend for all potting needs. The fines provide excellent drainage to prevent soggy plant roots while the compost retains a healthy level of moisture and provides some slow-release nutrients perfect for supporting potted plants of all kinds.  

Location Availability:  Port Charlotte, FL

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