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Compost Back

Get what you give. Each month, you earn 2 Compost Credits as long as you are a member of Compost House. 1 Credit is redeemable for 1 five-gallon bag of finished compost. Please keep in mind that requests can only be delivered 2 at a time.

On July 1st of each year credits will reset.

We’ve taken a sustainable shift for compost deliveries with upcycled bags from local breweries instead of buckets! You’ll notice your 10 gallon compost requests delivered in bags on your next request. Set those empty bags out with your buckets and we’ll continue to reuse them for more deliveries members!

Compost Back FAQs

You are eligible to pick up compost back from one of our facilities in your area if you have 20 or more credits stored.  

Yes, you can request compost for up to one month (4 deliveries weekly and 2 deliveries bi-weekly). You can also request monthly deliveries via email (). The compost will continue to come until you are out of credits.

Please email to let us know the delivery was missed. We will reschedule the delivery for your next pick-up/drop-off day. 

Yes, on July 1st of each year credits will reset.

In order to update payment information with Compost House and Atlas Organics, please send an email to notifying us of the need to update payment information. Our customer support team will be able to handle your request quickly. 

Headed out of town on your service day? Not enough in your bucket? Please let us know by emailing Our drivers will be notified to skip your service for the week, and we will return on your next service day. We appreciate you helping us be mindful of our drivers’ time and environmental impact on the road.

As a Compost House member, you can freeze your account once a year for a minimum of 60 days. You will not receive service, be charged for the subscription, or receive reminder notifications during this time. To request a freeze, please email providing your name, service address, and period you would like to freeze your service or complete this form. Click here for form.


Do you need to cancel your Compost House membership? We will miss you but are happy to help you with your account. Please click here to complete our Cancellation Form, and we will start the process for you. On your next scheduled service day, please place your bucket out on the front step (or at the drop-off location), and we will be around to grab them. You can sign up for Compost House again at any time and thank you for all you do for the community.

Drop-Off Customers Only:

In order for us to deliver your compost back on our designated service days, we will need 2 days notice before your pickup day to organize delivery.

Although we can’t guarantee a specific time, we recommend coming later in the day on the scheduled service day or the following morning. 

Drop-Off Service Days

  • Greenville, SC
    • Swamp Rabbit Cafe – Monday
  • Spartanburg, SC
    • Farmer’s Market, Community Garden – Friday
  • Easley, SC 
    • Farmacy – Every other Wednesday
  • Memphis, TN
    • Collierville – Monday
    • Urban Earth – Wednesday
    • Cooper-Young, Nelson Ave – Wednesday
  • Chattanooga, TN
    • Burlaep – Tuesday
    • Taqueria Azteca, Grace Episcopal – Thursday
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