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September 2021

Atlas Organics distinguishes itself as a leading composting provider through the development of a first-of-its-kind presort line for organics.

Since its founding in 2015, Spartanburg, South Carolina-based Atlas Organics (Atlas) has worked to revolutionize the composting industry through the development of a comprehensive organics recycling platform.

As a provider of collection, processing and consulting services for more than 1,600 homes and more than 100 organizations across nine cities, the company has seen significant growth since opening its first composting facility just six years ago.

San Antonio Sort Line

Atlas Organics Announces Expansion of Operations in San Antonio, Texas to Provide Composting


December 2020

Atlas Organics (Atlas), a leading commercial composting company seeking to increase municipal waste-solution partnerships across the U.S., today announced the company’s expansion of operations in San Antonio, Texas, to provide food waste and yard waste processing and composting management. Atlas estimates that 15 jobs will be created at the new facility with hiring focused within the region of San Antonio. The first phase of site construction has begun, and operations will begin in January.


Atlas Organics Looks to Provide Accessible Composting


June 2020

In 2014, Joseph McMillin and Gary Nihart — both from the Upstate and educated at Wofford College and Clemson University, respectively — met. McMillin had overseen a waste collection service in college while Nihart had previously been involved in composting. Their combination of skills formed the basis of what was to become Spartanburg’s Atlas Organics in 2015.

Twin Chimneys Compost

Composting and Anaerobic Digestion Infrastructure Investment Insights


April 2020

On Dec. 10, Atlas Organics, Inc., an organics hauler and composter, announced it received $21.4 million in project development capital from Spring Lane Capital (SLC). Spring Lane Capital focuses its project financing investments on smaller-scale distributed solutions in the energy, food, water and waste sectors. “We identified a gap in the financing market where early stage companies have received investment capital for their start-up, and hit the point where they need to raise project capital for assets like equipment,” notes Nikhil Garg, General Partner at SLC.

Atlas ORganics Truck

Deploying Capital To Help Organics Recyclers Scale


January 2020

BioCycle first learned about Boston-based Spring Lane Capital when it committed $21.4 million in capital to Atlas Organics, Inc., a composting facility developer, for equity in future solid waste diversion projects and corporate support. Spring Lane Capital (SLC) is a private equity firm focused on “catalytic project capital investments for smaller scale distributed solutions in the energy, water, food and waste industries.”

Clean Power compost

Financing Composting Infrastructure


January 2020

On December 10, 2019, Atlas Organics, Inc., an organics hauler and composter based in Spartanburg, South Carolina, announced it received $21.4 million in project development capital from Spring Lane Capital (SLC). “This investment gives us dedicated infrastructure capital to design, build, and operate composting facilities for public and private partners to provide much needed organics recycling infrastructure,” explains Joseph McMillin, Chief Executive Officer of Atlas.

Indian River Compost

Atlas Organics takes yard scraps, food scraps and turns it into compost


September 2019

The neighbors didn’t know what to make of the container that had started showing up on the Cooksey’s doorstep. One day, the curiosity became too much.

Compost house gardening

Fox News Video - Composting company helping reduce food waste at Upstate landfill


August 2019

Fox News Video – Composting. It’s all about turning usable waste into nutrient rich soil. Compost House and Atlas Organics have made their home in Greenville County’s Twin Chimney’s landfill.

Twin Chimneys Equipment

Zero Waste Chattanooga


March 2019

How long does it take for a head of lettuce to decompose in a landfill? Really, give a guess out loud before scrolling down.

Compost house bucket

Growing A Food Waste Recycling Company


June 2018

Atlas Organics cofounders and South Carolinians Gary Nihart and Joseph McMillin both became involved with food waste recycling while at college. Nilhart attended Clemson University, where he developed the food waste composting program for Clemson Facilities, which had just gotten the second research permit for food waste recycling granted in South Carolina. The multidisciplinary program, which started with an in-vessel system, bobcat and a tractor, involved students from marketing, civil science, construction, and business and won Outstanding Organics program in 2013 from the Carolina Recycling Association.

Atlas Organics Public private partnership

Bloomberg Business Profile


April 2018

Atlas Organics, Inc. provides recycling services. The Company specializes in collection and recycling food and organic waste in soil amendment for agriculture and landscaping purpose. Atlas Organics serves customers in the United States.

Compost House flowers

Business offers food waste pickup for composting


March 2018

A local company offers families an easy way to enrich the earth and reduce their impact on landfills. Compost House offers home pickup of food waste that is then turned into rich compost. The service is the residential arm of Atlas Organics, which provides food waste composting services to a wide range of commercial operations, including restaurants, schools, Greenville Health System, Spartanburg Regional Health System, Michelin, Milliken and more.

Gardening with compost

Local Love: Compost House


February 2018

I have been spending more time in Spartanburg lately and had the chance to meet Leslie Rodgers, the Education Director and Compost House Coordinator. We spent well over an hour sitting at The Crepe Factory downtown talking (mostly) trash. And it was awesome.

Pet Friendly Compost

Let's Talk Trash with Compost House


October 2017

At first, I was hesitant to begin composting. I’m not one to zero in on what is going in my trash bin. Nor do I go a day over the “sell by” date, so I’m embarrassed to say that I probably throw away a good amount of food that could still be safe to eat. I knew I would immediately feel guilty by composting, but I was ready for the challenge.

Compost food waste

How Chattanooga, Tenn.'s Composting Program is Evolving


September 2017

What began as a plan of a few local business people and one small nonprofit to offer commercial composting in Chattanooga, Tenn., has taken some turns. The effort has evolved into a residential program and food waste recycling company Atlas Organics has stepped in to help these community players take the next steps.

Compost Pumpkins

Compost House Comes to Greenville


August 2017

Food waste is this country’s #1 waste issue. Can you believe it? According to the U.S. Department of Agriculture, 40% of all food grown ends up in the trash. Local company, Atlas Organics, has decided to take this issue head on with its food waste collection and composting services. Atlas Organics is an industrial sized composting company servicing customers ranging from schools, grocery stores, restaurants to industrial clients and most recently individual homes with its residential program, Compost House.

Compost House Bins

New Compost House Will Do Your Composting for You


August 2017

John Sweet, the founder and former owner of Niedlov’s Breadworks in downtown Chattanooga, believes in composting. For about a decade, at no charge, he picked up kitchen scraps and other organic waste from such places as Girls Preparatory School and BlueCross BlueShield of Tennessee’s office downtown.

Atlas Facility

Residential Composting Program Coming To Chattanooga


July 2017

Food waste is the highest percentage of waste sent to landfills according to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency. Atlas Organics, a food waste collection and composting company, is providing an answer to this waste issue.

Compost House planting

Greenville County, Atlas Organics Open Large Scale Composting Facility


May 2016

After over a year of talks, Greenville County and a local food waste collector have worked out an agreement to open a local commercial composting facility that will localize efforts to temper a growing global issue.

Food Waste
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