Spring Starts with Soil

Healthy soil is a catalyst for a healthy life. The science is clear and the benefits are numerous when we look at the importance of soil health and the role we each have to play. The Atlas Organics story started with soil and the realization that local farmers in the Upstate of South Carolina were struggling with ways to regenerate their land. Now 7 years later, Atlas is proud to be partnering with non-profits and businesses around our 14 locations this Spring to educate on soil health and the role compost has to play.  

Throughout the country, soil health is directly impacting our environment, our vegetation, our water supply, and even our human health. After years of chemical fertilizers, lack of crop rotation, and a lack of focus on regeneration, much of our soil is left depleted and lacking in the vital nutrients needed to support healthy, strong plants.  

To further expand on this, Food and Agriculture Organization of the UN has found that healthy soil requires living mixtures of minerals, microbes, air, water and around 4 per cent organic matter, such as carbon, nitrogen, and hydrogen in order to sustain plant growth, but due to industrial farming methods such as mono-cropping, intensive tilling, lack of cover crops, and the use of pesticides and synthetic fertilizers, approximately one third of the world’s productive topsoil has been depleted, leaving it with just half a percent of organic matter— eight times less than it needs. (FAO) 

This Spring Atlas Organics is ready to educate and empower communities around the country to re-focus on soil and the role is has to play in creating a more healthy world.  

Outdoor projects are on everyone’s minds. From raised garden beds to lawns and landscaping, as the temperatures start to rise the energy to refresh and revive outdoor spaces does too. There is truly no better time to begin thinking about soil health and the end results you’re hoping to reap. Did you know that compost can play a key role in revitalizing your soil? In fact, here are just a few major benefits of using compost according to the US Composting Council:  

  • controls pests and suppresses disease 
  • improves soil structure 
  • increases water retention 
  • strengthens plants 
  • aids in human health 

Throughout the month of March, Atlas is excited to be providing education and resources for communities to learn about soil health, find out where to purchase Atlas compost, and even play a role in compost donations to key community initiatives. Check out each city’s specific page below and join us in spreading the word about soil health to your friends! 

Greenville, SC  –  Lexington, SC  –  Spartanburg, SC  –  Durham, NC  –  Chattanooga, TN  –  Memphis, TN  –  Sarasota, FL  –  Tampa, FL  –  Vero Beach, FL  –  San Antonio, TX  –  Salinas, CA

soil health matters for spring gardening
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