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FAQ Commercial

Here you will find the most commonly asked questions regarding our commercial and industrial collection and composting processes.

Our program is meant for organic waste materials. Cart pricing remains the same. A mix of materials of a single stream of the same material is fine.

Yes, for each commercial partner we provide a report indicating the amount of waste diverted from landfills, greenhouse gases offset, acres of cropland reclaimed, and gallons of water saved.


If you wish to include paper towels, we would suggest going with the higher cart suggestion. The options listed did reflect an estimate of the amount of material you will generate. Please remember we can always adjust the carts if necessary.

Thank you for your questions and concern. Contamination is something we are used to dealing with, but you are right, it is not good for a compost cart. We definitely support you in figuring out ways to deter people from using the compost cart in the wrong fashion. We have frequently supported customers that are forced to store their carts in a place that invites contamination. I do understand that the contamination policy and the possibility of charges is a concern. I will say that we have not imposed those charges on any customer that does not partner with us in effort to improve the situation.

In terms of ideas of addressing this – sometimes a brick or board, something solid that holds the lid down having COMPOST ONLY or other words on it works in addition to stickers we have on the carts. Also having the carts opening facing the wall or away from easy opening is helpful as well.

FAQ Compost House

Here you will find the most commonly asked questions regarding our residential services collection program aka Compost House.

We do not operate a landfill where waste is dumped and doomed to sit forever. We operate facilities where food waste comes in, and rich, healthy compost goes out in an infinite number of cycles. There is no cap to the composting process. Our impact is, quite literally, exponential. Full circle, our program gives residential communities the ability to benefit from a commercial composting facility in diverting food waste and reaping the benefits of amazing, finished compost.

Once you’re assigned your service day, you should receive an email with all the details regarding your subscription. Your first “pickup” day will be when you receive your initial buckets – right to your doorstep! Your first real pickup with full buckets will come on the following pickup day.

Once you’ve signed up for Drop-off, you should receive an email with all the details regarding your subscription. You’ll need to reach out and let us know what drop-off location in your area you’d like to be your primary site. Once you let us know, your bucket should be set out that week at your location with your name on it.

Get what you give. Each month, you earn 2 Compost Credits as long as you are a member of Compost House. 1 Credit is redeemable for 1 five-gallon bag of finished compost. You can request your Compost Credits at any time, just send an email to or click here. Keep in mind that only 2 Credits can be delivered at a time.

Doorstep subscribers receive their compost bags to their doorstep on their usual service day. Drop-off subscribers will have labeled bags dropped at their preferred drop-off site location.

Oh no! This happens on occasion. You might consider where you’re setting them for pickup, as municipal waste collection can sometimes mistake a bucket for the landfill stream. We’re happy to replace any buckets that have gone missing for a $5 fee. Send us an email and we’ll make sure you’re taken care of!

Ooooffff! It happens to the best of us. Not to worry – we have multiple drop-off sites available locally for you to take care of those buckets until your next pickup. Give us a shout to find a site near you. Each is stocked with a large cart to tip your scraps and plenty of supplies to refresh your bucket in the meantime.

So sorry we missed you! Please don’t hesitate to reach out and let us know – we’ll try to figure out what went wrong and get you on an upcoming pickup. Please note that routes expand as we gain members, and our drivers are at the mercy of traffic patterns. If today is your service day, please wait until after 8 PM to confirm that you were skipped.

One way to reduce infestations in your bucket is to add shredded paper or leaf litter whenever you add food scraps. This helps to soak up the moisture that the larvae need to survive and dampen the smell that attracts flies in the first place. Another option is to lightly sprinkle diatomaceous earth in the buckets. This also dries out the existing larvae and prevents the eggs from hatching successfully.
A great way to prevent it before hand is to snap that lid shut each time you add your scraps!

A great way to prevent it before hand is to snap that lid shut each time you add your scraps! 

FAQ General

Here you will find the most commonly asked questions about compost, Atlas Organics, our products and services.

Compost is the end product when the natural process of recycling organic matter, such as leaves and food scraps, turns into a valuable amendment that can enrich soil and plants. 

You can use compost in a variety of ways: Use as mulch. Compost-as-mulch is a fantastic way to boost your garden’s harvest. …
as part of your mix for DIY potting soil, for use on fall perennials, spring bulbs, spread on new or established lawns, top dress garden beds, add to vegetable gardens and fruit trees and much more. 

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