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Why Choose Us

At Atlas Organics, we recycle organic waste and keep it out of landfills, then turn it into a valuable soil amendment to promote sustainable agriculture and landscaping. We collect compost from homes and businesses throughout the Southeast and in turn provide a quality soil amendment product for landscapers, farmers, nurseries and home growers. We also help municipalities set up their own composting facilities. How can we help you?

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Atlas Organics Expanding National Composting Network to the Pacific Northwest

Combining forces allows both companies to scale delivery of their best-in class, low-cost composting solutions to homes, companies and municipalities across the United States [SPARTANBURG, SC] – Atlas Organics today announced its acquisition of Dirt Hugger, a leader in commercial composting with operating locations in Washington State and Oregon. Dirt Hugger’s state-of-the-art organics recycling and

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The Atlas Difference

Compost has many different meanings to people. Ask a few strangers on the street “What is compost” and you’ll get a wide range of answers. As the awareness around home gardening and self-sustainability grows, the interest in compost does too since it is an often-used word in these circles The reality is, however, that not

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Atlas Organics Supports Community Garden in NC

In April of this year, Atlas Organics got a simple request. Could we donate compost to a local community garden in Canton, North Carolina? That request was filtered through the normal channels, but it wasn’t until a call with the directors of Backyard Organics and Leslie Rodgers, Director of Sales & Marketing for Atlas, that

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