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At Atlas Organics, we recycle organic waste and keep it out of landfills, then turn it into a valuable soil amendment to promote sustainable agriculture and landscaping. We collect compost from homes and businesses throughout the Southeast and in turn provide a quality soil amendment product for landscapers, farmers, nurseries and home growers. We also help municipalities set up their own composting facilities. How can we help you?

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compost at farm in oregon

Atlas Takes Step Forward in the Pacific Northwest

In June of this year, Atlas Organics made their entrance into the Pacific Northwest with the acquisition of Dirt Hugger. Since then, they have been doing the diligent work that comes with significant transitions like this. Little outward media has been done during this time however, they recently had the privilege of introducing themselves to

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The Problem with Pumpkin Waste

The month of pumpkins is upon us! Drive down most roads and you’ll see pop-up pumpkin patches all around. This is the season of collecting and carving and this is ALSO the season where organic waste is at one of it’s highest points all year long. Did you know?  1.3 billion pounds of pumpkins end

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sb 1383 california sustainability

Atlas Organics Launches Operations in California

Atlas Organics is excited to announce our first location in the Golden State. Operations in Gonzales, CA kicked off July 1st. This public-private partnership with Salinas Valley Solid Waste Authority aka Salinas Valley Recycles is a monumental step forward for the sustainability movement across California and the growth of Atlas as a whole! We are

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