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Composting is a regenerative means of recycling organic waste as it reduces methane emissions, controls water runoff, shrinks landfills, and helps farmers grow crops more sustainably.

Compost Back

Each Compost House member earns 10-gallons of finished compost per month. Compost is delivered to the drop-off location for you on the next available Tuesday after you request it.  You may also opt to have compost back on a recurring monthly schedule such as the first Tuesday of every month. We limit deliveries to 2 credits (one month’s credit) at a time to allow every Compost House member access to compost back each week. 

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Why Choose Us

At Atlas Organics, we recycle organic waste and keep it out of landfills, then turn it into a valuable soil amendment to promote sustainable agriculture and landscaping. We collect compost from homes and businesses throughout the Southeast and in turn provide a quality soil amendment product for landscapers, farmers, nurseries and home growers. We also help municipalities set up their own composting facilities. How can we help you?

Atlas Organics is a growing composting company headquartered in Spartanburg, SC. Since 2015, Atlas Organics provides residential homes, corporations, local businesses and municipalities with both pickup of composting materials and delivery of the highest quality grade of finished compost for use in agricultural, landscaping, and golf courses, and gardens across the United States.

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