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“We have been using Atlas Organics Compost for six months now and it is without a doubt, one of the best compost products we have used in 40 years.”

Tommy Aiello, President 
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Indian River

Closest City: Vero Beach, FL
Project Partner: Indian River County, FL
Date began: January 2020
Facility capacity: 175,000 TPY
Materials composted: Yard Waste and Food Waste

Atlas Organics permitted a 175,000 TPY yard waste and food waste composting operation through a partnership with Indian River County, FL.  Services available include commercial compost sales and residential compost sales onsite. STA Certified, Atlas Organcis has a 10-year contract with the County to process approximately 94,000 TPY of yard waste. This contract was awarded through an RFP response. Historically the County has processed approximately 76,464 TPY of yard waste.

The project is unique as the yard waste processing (grinding) is occurring on the County’s current yard waste processing facility (located on the landfill property) and is then moved to a private property adjacent to the County property for composting. The adjacent property is part of the Indian River EcoDistrict and is repurposing a property housing a former bioethanol plant. Atlas started managing the County yard waste site in January 2020 and has begun to build EASP piles on the EcoDistrict side. The next step of the project is to integrate commercial food waste into the comprehensive organics program in 2020.

At the Indian River site, yard waste is collected by franchise haulers from the curb and delivered to an approximately 10-acre yard waste facility at the County’s landfill. The material is ground utilizing a Rotochopper B66 grinder to 4‐inch minus. The material is then moved to the composting facility and integrated into the EASP composting system, which at full capacity will consist of 66 blowers. The ground yard waste is in the active composting phase for 21-30 days and will then cure for 30-60 days before being screened to a 3⁄8 inch minus and sold into the marketplace.


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