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Atlas Organic Compost

Our premium product OMRI certified.

Atlas Compost

Our premium product.

Atlas Topsoil

Perfect growing environment for your landscaping and gardening needs


Quality mulch with no dye infused organic material.

Mini Pine Bark

Enhance the acidity of your soil and break up heavy soil.

Potting Soil

Part compost part hardwood fines.

Black Mulch

Draw sharp contrast and define edges in your landscaping.

Red Mulch

Add an extra sparkle near the driveway.

Gold Mulch

Draw Extreme contrast with your green lawn or garden.

Atlas Brown

Brown Mulch

Keep things looking natural.


Closest City: Plant City, FL 
Date began: August 2021
Materials composted: Yard Waste

Atlas Organics Tampa East is located in the Tampa Bay area. This site includes yard waste collection and land clearing services.  A variety of products including mulch and compost can be purchased from our Tampa East location.

Dump Tip Fees

The minimum Tip Fee is $20.00

We accept green waste, trees, brush, stumps and clean lumber only.
We cannot accept plastic, concrete, treated wood, construction debris or other trash.

Atlas Organics in Florida

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