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Available Products

Compost and Soil

Atlas Compost

Our premium product.

Atlas Topsoil

Perfect growing environment for your landscaping and gardening needs

Potting Soil

Part compost part hardwood fines.

Fill Dirt

Simple dirt for simple tasks


Paver Sand

Create a stable base.

Silica Sand

Ideal for sweep sand.

Surface Sand

Simple sand for simple tasks


Black Mulch

Draw sharp contrast and define edges in your landscaping.

Red Mulch

Add an extra sparkle near the driveway.

Gold Mulch

Draw Extreme contrast with your green lawn or garden.

Atlas Brown

Brown Mulch

Keep things looking natural.

Large Pine Bark

Enhance the acidity of your soil and break up heavy soil.

Mini Pine Bark

Enhance the acidity of your soil and break up heavy soil.


Quality mulch infused organic material.

Mineral Mulch

Mulch infused with organic material.

Rock and Stone

Tan River Rock

Available in 1 ½”, 1”, and ½”.

Limerock Stone

Available in 1 ½”, 1”, and ½”.

Rip Rap

Rip Rap is generally sold sized 6” – 12”.

Tahitian Granite

Available in ¾” and 3⁄8″.

Brook Stone

Available in 5″ and 1.5″.

Coastal Shell

Available in Small Coastal Shell ¾” and Crushed Shell ½”.

White Marble Chips

Salt & Pepper Granite

Atlas Organics in South Carolina


Date began: May 2022
Facility capacity: 100,000 TPY
Materials composted: Yard Waste

Atlas Organics has now expanded into Sarasota, Florida. Our Sarasota location has products for sale on site including compost, mulch, topsoil, and a variety of other high-quality landscaping supplies! This facility currently accepts green waste- stumps, trees, branches, sod, & more.  Inbound material is accepted in tons and outbound material is sold in Cubic Yards (CY). Atlas is currently implementing site redesign and build to allow for growth and new product offerings.

Available Products


Landscaping Rocks


Soil and Sand

Available Services

Concrete Recycling

We currently accept concrete, ceramic tile, brick pavers, porcelain toilets and sinks, old river rock, some drywall, cinder blocks, sidewalk, asphalt, cobblestone, and bricks. We use recycle these materials and make various products. As with our green waste collection, these materials must be clean and free of trash or other debris. We will not accept plastics, metal, sub-flooring, steel rebar, glass, or wiring.

Yard Waste Recycling

As a yard waste recycling facility, we recycle various types of green waste (aka yard waste): branches, trees, tree stumps, dirt, mulch, plants, and more.  In order for us to accept yard waste, it must be free of contamination and trash. Everything is inspected before it is allowed to be unloaded on the property. Anything that is contaminated will be turned away.

Wood Pallet Recycling

We do accept wood material other than trees; however, these must be free of chemicals, cannot be pressure treated, and cannot be painted. They must also have a minimal amount of metal (small staples and nails are acceptable).   We do not allow railroad ties on the premises. We will also not accept glue board, asphalt roof shingles, plywood, or furniture. These all contain contaminants that would affect the natural products we create.

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